Fallout Gravel Pit Wikia

'Sylum is an old world Prison turned into an anarchistic haven, by 2297 it has stepped on the toes of every major settlement in Atlanta, Georgia.


The people of 'Sylum get by on food that has been stolen from other settlements, they also farm dogs and some citizens have turned to cannibalism. They have also raised stolen cattle and have hunting parties.


Citizens across 'Sylum have their own methods of generating power. Few, if any, residents would make a communal power source.


There is no official police force or army in 'Sylum. People are asked to protect their own shit. Outside invaders are typically chased off by the community.


Almost anything goes. This is surprisingly quite balanced as nobody is protected and there are always consequences for actions. Nobody who lives above their means will survive for long and nobody who goes about making enemies will be able to sleep easy either.

Sylum is but a fragile alliance of criminals.