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The 215 Rail Line Powder Gang is a faction in Roads Less Travelled.


Formerly a group of work contractors, who became a raider gang, after the work dried up. They abandoned their post and their doomed mining village and are currently hiding up in the hills of New Canaan. They have a nice set up there, ambushing caravans that come too and from NCR territory to New Canaan.

Their leader, Jackson, was a former foreman for the 215 rail line for Hoover Dam. However, he found himself turning on the Governor of Hoover Dam as well as his shit hole town before riding off, with his brothers, rading and pillaging across the region. They have since held up in New Canaan, hoping to bleed them dry.

Though they aren't the smartest bunch, they are well armed, well positioned and are definitely a force to be reckoned with. They have two skilled snipers, several heavy gunners and a pack of thugs, armed with both tools and weapons made.