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3-Some Caravan is a Hoover Dam caravan company.


Three tight knit brothers, who went into business together, back in NCR (Formerly known as Shady Sands). They found themselves in prison for a short spell and while there, they formed their caravan company, with the money they had stolen.

Due to their criminal convictions, few trusted them, however, they were fortunate enough to keep business going for a while. They eventually found their luck in Hoover Dam, where Joseph Dodge, the Mayor provided them with the means to properly set up shop. This was the fresh start, that they truly sought after.

The natives of Hoover Dam were a lot more welcoming to them, than those from NCR country. However, they found themselves lacking in the much needed prestige in these parts and feared that Joseph Dodge and Allis McLafferty looked down on them.

Enzo Giordano is the company's mouthpiece and is willing to deal with any and all none-violent negotiations. He is honourable and straight forward and he always pays his debts.

Business has been goof for them but not booming, the Crimson Caravan have been undercutting them. They have also been attacked, multiple times by the Brotherhood of Steel, who used some sort of cloaking device to mask themselves. Though the Brotherhood attacked Crimson Caravans, they haven't been as rigarous in their attacks.

The Crimson Caravan seem to be better armed, to keep the Brotherhood at bay. However, Vinnie recons that there's more than that. They wish to investigate further but have nobody on staff, who could handle such a task.