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Adam is a Genome and escapee of the Institute. Aside the Institute, he is known by a select few to be the first of his kind, the second being Eve.


Born as the first of the Genomes based on the third generation of Synths, Adam was used rigorously as a test subject for a lot of scientific trials and experiments to test the limits of a Genome. After he was deemed too dangerous to live, he was frozen in cryogenic stasis on the orders of the Director of the Institute.

October 23, 2326

Adam would remain frozen in cryogenic stasis until his escape through an unknown special interest group, with the last survivor of the group that entered his stasis chamber dying shortly before him. Taking her labcoat and Institute hyperbreeder pistol, Adam forced his way through towards the Molecular Relay after collecting a specialized prototype machine modeled after the RobCo Pip-Boy. Using the Emergency Relay function of the Institute's relay, Adam escaped into the surface and fled eastward after arriving outside the ruins of the C.I.T building.

He would later reach the old BADTFL Regional Office at the Cambridge area and rested within the building until his encounter with a deserting scavenger and two of her unlikely partners. After winning their trust and hiring their services as able hands, Adam traveled for the Island of Far Harbor to meet up with the ones who orchestrated his rescue.

Commonwealth Campaign

While he expressed lack of interest in dealing with them, Adam knew that the Institute had to be dealt with for long-term stability throughout the wasteland, well-aware of the capabilities of the Director should the Institute proceed with their plans unchecked. As of 2327, Adam and his allies continue to gather manpower and resources for New Acadia for the inevitable conflict against their creators and their many assets via proxies.

Personality and Traits


Based on his appearance post-breakout from the Institute, Adam is seen to possess some degree of levity, often practicing it to lighten otherwise bleak situations for people he interacts with in the wasteland. However, the man is known to be serious regarding his assistance for those he deems worthy of his aid, such as the trio that he first encountered east of Cambridge. As a believer of the bitter truth over sugar-coated lies, Adam does not bother mincing his words and statements to others, even if it would offend them. This makes him blunt to some and honest to others. Despite being frozen for a decade under the Institute Director's orders, Adam has not lost his social skills, which is in contrast to that of Eve's own. As such, Adam possesses a good degree of charisma.


Adam is a young looking man with straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. He has fair skin that is free of blemishes. His face is oval shaped and well proportioned, with a sharp nose. Adam is taller than the average male and has a muscular build. His body is well toned and proportioned as well.