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Agent Miller is a government agent working for the New California Republic's Office of Science and Industry.


Miller's background and history is entirely unknown and unlikely to be revealed.  An enigmatic figure, whose true motives are comprehensible only to himself (and maybe his superiors), Miller is a high ranking agent in the Office of Science and Industry, an organization that doesn't strictly dabble in what the government would have it's citizens believe.

In the mid-2250s, Miller recruited Shrike to be an assassin for the OSI.  When she slipped up and botched an assassination, it was Miller who had to send a hit squad after her, although he did so with reluctance.

In 2290, Miller rescued Josey Wales and Craig Boone from Shrike and told them of his plan to form a coalition of similarly skilled individuals to deal with the rogue hitwoman. He later recruited Tanner Collins and Cable.



  • "Miller" is not his birth name.
  • He is one of those people who seem incapable of aging.