Aleksandra Nikopol, sometimes jokingly referred to as "the Soviet Union's favourite poster girl" by American troops, is a military officer under the command of the Soviet Union. She appears in Fallout: Final Frontier.


Very little is known about Aleksandra, save for the fact that she didn't know her father and apparently lost her mother at an early age. She has an unnamed brother back on Earth. Her reasons for enlisting in the army was to pursue a project known only as "the Kulagina Project". The reasons for this are so far unknown.


Aleksandra appears to be a very blunt and disciplined woman. While not as overly fanatical as other officers of the Soviet Union, she does indeed try to please her superiors in any way possible. She has shown that she cares much for those under her command and places much trust in them.



  • The Kulagina Project gets its namesake from Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman who supposedly possessed psychic abilities.