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Alicia Benelle is a Genome scavenger and wastelander who operated around the Commonwealth, until her recruitment as a full-time member of New Acadia.


Alicia was born to two settlers from Tenpines Bluff, prior to the rise of the Commonwealth Minutemen as a military power in the region. Fearing for the safety of their child as the Minutemen became more and more militarized, Alicia was moved further east by her mother at Greentop Nursery, where she would live most of her life normally.

As she reached her teens, Alicia was known to be a curious if not also inquisitive mind, learning survival skills from pre-War books bought by her mother in place for a proper education. She later discovers her unique ability at the age of 10, but was indoctrinated by her mother to keep it a secret from everyone unless her life was in danger.

At her 17th birthday, Alicia's mother vanished, before a Gunner squad aiming to extort resources from her settlement arrived. The settlement would have been destroyed were it not for a Minutemen scouting party happening upon the area and driving off the Gunners. After the Gunners were driven off, the Minutemen asked for payment for 'future protection' from the settlement owners, whom had nothing to give aside Alicia's valuables (which were her pre-War books and magazines,) much to the chagrin of the young lady.

Later in her 20s, Alicia grew fed up of her foster parents at Greentop Nursery, before she chose to leave and head further north-east of the region to live on her own, using the knowledge she learned from both pre-War books, scavenged equipment, and life experiences to survive.

Having witnessed much violence as a result of desperation from many individuals within the region, Alicia became jaded and indifferent to the deaths of others, as it had, for her, become a common sight in the new reality she knew and lived in since the Minutemen and Gunners became the two major factions of the Commonwealth. She would later enter the bitter conflict between the two factions in an independent party where she would fight to earn a living.

Personality and Traits


In her teens, Alicia became known for her curiosity for learning. This naturally made her inquisitive and open-minded unless offended. As she grew up to adulthood after the disappearance of her mother, the scavenger was forced to quickly adapt to wasteland life, making her become an independent spirit as a result. Alicia is known to be easy-going in general unless provoked, and has a particular sense of hatred for certain groups (e.g. the reformed Minutemen) due to her upbringing under their reign.


Abilities and Skills

For a Genome, Alicia's skills were considered average despite possessing Courser-like physiology. Prior to joining New Acadia, her professional combat training and experience is considered below average, with much of her current knowledge on combat coming from field experience and certain pre-War magazines. Even for someone considered green in her line of work, Alicia proves to be a resourceful individual, having knowledge on survival skills gleaned from pre-War and post-War knowledge.

Alicia has Tactile Reinforcement for her Psyker-like power, which functions similarly to localized Telekinesis. This allows her to perform feats of strength beyond that of humans and base Genomes, such as throwing metal bars like javelins with enough force to punch through the front of a Vertibird.