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"New York, New York... I AM New York!"

- Ania Ray 2270.

Ania Ray is the most prestigious and influential person in the remains of Broadway and Time square of the Empire Wasteland. She pulls strings to get what she wants, given her success and riches it is fairly logical to assume she mostly gets what she wants...

In General

Officially she is the proprietor of the Ania Ray Lounge, a Jazz lounge on Time Square filled with dazzling lights, music and drinks. Strict attire code and only the créme de la créme is allowed in. If you can enjoy a night at Ania's you're probably not short on caps.

Despite it being her club she rarely goes down to mingle with her guests, preferring the solitude and comfort of her luxury penthouse where she keeps a close eye on the happenings below via monitors. The reason she dislikes mingling mainly has to do with her vanity and fear of being ousted when people find out she's actually a ghoul. A fact she tries to hide by wearing masks and even skin of others when she does rarely show herself.


Born in 2050 in Kansas City, before the great war Ania grew up in a farming family but she loathed every day of it, the stardom of Broadway theater and Hollywood motion pictures called to her, and with her looks and voice she definitely stood a chance. At the age of twenty she left Kansas and made for New York, New York where she auditioned for Broadway roles all across the theater district. At first she played little extras and unimportant roles but her ruthless dedication to make a name for herself eventually landed her the leading role of "Call me Madam".

Critics praised her and life seemed wonderful that was until 2077 when an atomic holocaust destroyed most of the world and made short work of her career. However 'the Apollo', which was the theater building where she was rehearsing a play when the bombs fell was lead-lined and famous for its thick walls and few windows. Any and all within survived the initial blast and days to come. Though years upon years of early life in the still highly irradiated Empire wasteland ghoulified most, and Ania was no exception. She looked on with horror as her real hair fell out and her skin peeled off like that of a snake. Until even bone marrow could be visibly seen, rotting.

Everything she had worked so hard on, the excessive diets, the light corrections via plastic surgery, the voice lessons. All was for naught. But instead of giving in to the misery she became cold and calculated about it. Her image would endure! At all costs.