Ashley is a companion in Roads Less Travelled, in 2253.


Ashley is the first daughter and third child of Lester Hennigan, the owner of a general store, out east. She's used to pulling her weight and fixing the damage done by her four brothers and sister, whether it was to their store or eachother.

When she was eight, her Brother Mark accidentally broke the ribs of her youngest Brother, Christian whilst bear hugging him. She was able to use what little knowledge she knew, from an old textbook to nurse Christian back to health. Were she not there, the others would have to shoot him.

She had a demanding but very loving family, they were rough around the edges but were hard working and lived a rather pure existence... for the most part.

However, it got claustraphobic, as Ash got to her teenage years. This resulted in arguments breaking out among her brothers and sister and she found herself depressed, due to how directionless her life was. She decided that she had the knowhow to be a travelling Doctor. She took the family dog, Ruby and took to the road. Though she isn't exactly rolling in caps and she's an eye missing, Ashley has never been happier with her lot.

Behind the Scenes

  • The part of her backstory where one of her brothers accidentally broke the ribs of one of her other brothers was actually based on a real life incident of her author's grandfather. While wrestling in the house, he got his youngest brother into a bear hug and cracked several of his ribs.
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