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Bloomfield Space Center is a Pre-War USSA relic space port and Air Force base. The origins of which can be found in Van Buren design documents and are not strictly canon. For strictly Van Buren Bloomfield, Arizona is the post-war location for a settlement in the area near Quartzsite, Arizona. The original town was mostly uninhabited after the war however quickly grew in size following the universe in which it exists having a Robert Edwin House victory in Las Vegas/New Vegas, Nevada. With a population only in the hundreds for the entire region and quite a bit of tourism to keep afloat. People mostly scavenge equipment from the Space Center.


After the second battle of Hoover Dam was secured. The region that would become to be known as Bloomfield would begin to see attention by the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion. In the victory of Robert House, the New Californian Republic would be pushed to find a way to secure energy without Hoover Dam. The Legion would seek to remedy their unexpected loss and invade the Republic from the Southern route rather than head through the now Free Economic Zone of Vegas. Robert House sent a new lieutenent named Chloe Harrenhal, a Pre-War Foreigner from a embassy cryopod chamber to organize a Casino and government to keep tabs on the region. To the South a new Federal Remnant commander named Hayden Trench has established Yuma Proving Grounds as a base of operations to claim the region. Two chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel fight over ideology in the North, lead by an Elder named Narkum and a Sentinel named Massey.

Original Map of Bloomfield


Caesar's Legion

Locally headquartered closer to Phoenix, The Legion having needed to set and establish itself in order to fix the problems has fled the Western border and focused on Phoenix. Caesar has begun to create his secret heir, which no one is sure if it will be a new born or adoption. Perhaps something even unexpected. Where they still patrol there are few raiders and the traders often compliment the group for their efforts to keep their trade routes clear. With the success of Vegas, despite the defeat it seems that the Legion will made a full recovery. Especially in comparison to the New California Republic which has spent money fighting a war which eventually made it lose even more in the end.

New California Republic

Locally headquartered closer to the California border, The New California Republic is in desperation mode after getting entirely screwed over. The internal politics of the Republic are unknown but according to Robert House there was a strong possibility that President Kimball committed suicide. Whatever the outcome, the Republic has launched a Revaunchist campaign to secure cheaper Energy and Water by heading through Arizona. Whether that happens is dependent on their success in the Region but there are promising Solar, Nuclear, and Natural Gas power plants that could be occupied and restarted by the Republic to subisdize the costs given by House.

Federal Remnants

Headquartered at the Yuma Proving Grounds, After serious defeats and sitting out for awhile for once. The Federal Remnants are a detachment created by an officer named Hayden Trench. They have gathered local resources and personnel from New Reno, Chicago Federal Remnants (Chicago Enclave)and other hotspots of former Government activity to secure a vast base of operations within the Region. However within the group there are extreme radicals on both ends such as John Ramerio and Catherine Ramerio on a reformist liberalization agenda and on the other spectrum Jeremias Klink who is a radical on a moderate Caste system that would exclude mutants and forced evolutionary virus citizens on separate castes. It is only time till this blows up in someones face.

Hayden Trench

[Reformed] Brotherhood of Steel

Headquartered at the Brotherhood Bunker at a National Guard depot, The Brotherhood of Steel originally came as refugees after the wars with the New Californian Republic in their home territory as well as refugees from the events of the Second Battle of Hoover dam when Robert House ordered their destruction. This group attributes its defeats to an unchanged ideology. Radical reforms, unpopular leadership, and support for the rebels by Enclave forces has lead to the Civil War within the Brotherhood of Steel.

Elder Narkum

[Orthodox/Codex Loyalists] Brotherhood of Steel

Headquartered at the regional trainstation, The Brotherhood of Steel in rebellion to the main sanctioned group. Referred to by some as the Orthodox for their zealotry towards their Codex are separatists to the main crew. Lead by Sentinel Chloe Massey the group has taken nearly half of all forces of the Brotherhood of Steel and moved them west.

Sentinel Massey

Paradise Casino & Town of Bloomfield

Centered around the woman who runs it and her staff. Chloe Harrenhal is a British Foreigner born before the bombs had dropped and cryogenically frozen in an ambassadors Vault facility. She was found by Robert House and recruited as a lieutenant after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. After establishing her authority in the region, she coup d'état the sitting and democratically elected Mayor. Her popularity has scampered any question of her authority and she has become known as 'Madame Mayor' who rules with a Iron Fist without much of a council or democratic assembly. Her main apparent objectives are keeping peace among all groups and manipulating those who go against her ambitions.

Mayor Chloe Harrenhal