Boulder Scientists are a faction that headquarter in Boulder Dome in 2253.


An NCR scientist by the name of Goddard and his military escort traveled through the region, established power generators and discovered several old-world facilities. His reports were noticed by Presper, who sent him to investigate areas of America's southwest.

Presper and a small team of his soldiers departed, the second that Goddard returned and investigated Boulder Dome. They found it in need of repair but containing labs and a fully functioning ZAX unit, possibly the best in the united states.

Over a dozen years, Presper had more scientists and students sent to Boulder Dome, where she put them to an ultimatum. 'Help me create a better world or sleep forever.' A statement that was meant in a literal sense as she put refusers in cryo stasis, so that they may never go to heaven or hell. A fate some would deem worse than death.

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