Broadsword Squad, formerly Fire-team Broadsword back when it was a four man unit, was a squad originally commanded by Lieutenant Aiden of the USSA, until he was captured and all soldiers under his command killed in action. It is a squad with a long and storied history, and Lieutenant Aiden was proud to have joined it's ranks. It's slot as an American unit and it's name were both used to create the multiple nation anti-Alien task force that resulted from the Sea of Tranquility Conflict peace conferences Admiral Joseph Howard, Admiral Jang-La, Eden Mizrahi, and Admiral Zekoff.

Current Members

Commander John Brody

Gunnery Sergeant Owen Adams

Lieutenant Petra Voligrad


Doctor Eduardo da Rosa

Valeria Grigorin (informally)

Henry Byron Fitzroy (informally)

Lieutenant Colonel Shaojie Zhang

Special Agent Heinrich Gehring

Sergeant Major Carter

Former Members

Lieutenant Aiden (MIA)

Sergeant Jake (KIA)

Private Issam (KIA)

Private Santiago. (KIA)


The Knight's Tale (Part 3)

Fallout: Final Frontier III (mentioned)

Fallout: Final Frontier IV

Fallout: Final Frontier V


  • Broadsword's emblem is inspired by the shoulder sleeve insignia of the real life United States Army Europe, which is directly responsible for directing United States Army operations throughout the "United States European Command Area of Responsibility."
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