Cable is a tribal from Arroyo who sets out on an adventure to the Royal Wasteland.


Cable grew up as a youth in a very prosperous town, the result of a blending of tribal and Vault communities. His father was an ex-Enclave soldier and his mother a former Vault dweller, and since both were from technologically advanced societies they valued his education. He grew up with a small group of tight-knit friends and was known for being cynical and pessimistic of just about everything, when he had little reason to be. At age seventeen, he completed the Temple of Trials and set out on an adventure, for his own reasons.

Cable later joined the Cause. Following their destruction by Hades, he met Tanner Collins, who decided to take Cable under his wing and mentor him.


Cable, as stated, is very pessimistic and cynical. He automatically assumes the worst of people and doesn't judge anyone's actions very well. This is juxtaposed to his own attitude, which is generous, concerned for others safety, and do-goody. His upbringing in a peaceful, well-protected village has led him to be very trusting of others, even when a little skepticism would do him some good. He has little interest in material wealth, but has a few personal possessions of great value to him. He also doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and is instead very intense.


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