Godless America

Godless America is an ongoing arc that follows on from Brothers in Binds and Sam's Town. The story will expand the plight of those assigned to Project Cook as they're exposed to the other four states of the Four State commonwealth.


After the downfall of the Copper Toes, the survivors of Project Cook found themselves in a bigger world.

A Mad scientist, by the name of Daniel Starling threatens the world, with his ever expanding legion of Lobotomites.

The Brotherhood of Steel have declared war on him, caring little for collatoral damage.

The Dog Lords are now unchecked and are becoming the greatest threat that Denver and the rest of Colorado has faced since Caesar's Legion.

This is just the first of many problems that are sweeping the Four States Commonwealth, the States of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. As the group members emerge from their Vault, for the first time in months, they will find themselves exposed to a larger, harsher and much less forgiving world.

The year 2286 is when everything changes, for those in Project Cook and those in surrounding States. Not only are these in states at stake, the entire Country is at stake.

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