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"The Lone Wanderer is about to meet his match, as a new threat arrives from the north. Denis has dealt with many enemies over the last two years but how will he fare against an enemy who is just as driven, strong, resourceful and capable as himself? The young Regulator will soon learn that everyone has their own image of the perfect world and some see heaven, where others see hell."

Iconoclash is a follow up story to Fallout 3 written by Psychomantis108. It deals with life in the Capital Wasteland, two years after Project Purity was kickstarted. The Lone Wanderer, Denis has served the wasteland in a number of ways, always finding a way out of having to 'tidy up.' In Iconoclash, he faces an enemy that he cannot beat alone and so, as a result, he must call upon his allies and use them to his advantage.

With nowhere left to run, Denis must face the consequences of his actions over the past two years...


Iconoclash: Chapter 1 - Homecoming

Iconoclash: Chapter 2 - Evaluation

Iconoclash: Chapter 3 - Recovery

Iconoclash: Chapter 4 - Eviction

Iconoclash: Chapter 5 - Adjustment

Iconoclash: Chapter 6 - Conundrum

Iconoclash: Chapter 7 - Home

Iconoclash: Chapter 8 - Enroachment

Iconoclash: Chapter 9 - Dirge

Iconoclash: Chapter 10 - Feign

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