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Legends of the Wastes is the follow-up to the blog series Butcherbird, intended as a crossover between the various Tales of the Wastes sub-canons.

The Legends of the Wastes' setting can be found in detail here.


The entirety of Miller's Coalition was recruited by Agent Miller and brought to Warehouse Zulu. The briefing on Shrike has begun, as Miller prepares them for the road ahead.

The new coalition planned to divide up based upon objectives. One group is planning to be headed for the Big Empty to search for a weakness for Shrike, while the other two plan to get clues on Randall or Hamilton.

It was eventually decided that Morgan Jones, Josey Wales, Denis Callaghan, Brutus, Harriot Walker, Wilkes Walker, Rick Deere, and Paul Morgan would head to the Big Empty. Tanner Collins, William Van De Poorter, Timothy Ashford, Tyrus Carr, Evangeline Winfield, and Shanks would be heading to San Francisco.

In the Big Empty, the Vertibird designated Devil 2 crashed into a crystal filled trench.

At San Francisco, Timothy Ashford ran into an unhelpful whaler, and Willy drew the eye of the Yakuza.

In the Big Empty, the crew of Devil 2 came up against THE RAT GOD, an undoubtedly worthy adversary who will most certainly destroy them. They've gotten through spore carrier forests and communist ghouls of Little Yangtze. They must press forwards to X-13 so that they can claim valuable tech to use against Shrike. After killing Rat God in X-8, rescuing Mobius, and retrieving Muggy and a Sonic Emitter from the Sink, they were ready to crack open X-13 and get valuable tech to use against Shrike.

In San Francisco, Willy was captured by the Yakuza and brought to Kabu Chotto. He was rescued by Eva, but it incited a shootout in Chotto's club between the crew of the Devil 1 and the Japanese gangsters. After defeating second lieutenant Inchi's crew, they got some information out of Chotto about Shrike and Randall, mainly Shrike's interest in the Steel Palace and Randall's severance of ties with the Yakuza. They headed to the Steel Palace.

Inside the Steel Palace, Eva met with Chairman Qin, the head of the Shi, who had no knowledge of Shrike.

Tim and Willy are about to receive some training from Ju Yung, the same woman who possibly trained Shrike, although the ages don't line up.

And those who were previously in the Big Empty know find themselves in the Divide, being briefed by Ulysses on the dangers of the Divide and Shrike's intentions. It appears the hitwoman intends to wake the giants of the Divide for usage against her enemies.

Oh, and Shanks is enabling Tanner's alcoholism. Tyrus joined them.

In the Divide, Paul Morgan and Morgan Jones fought against Shrike, and held their own long enough for Denis to lead the rest of their group below Abaddon, to disarm the missiles before Shrike can use them.

After questioning Governor Liu, and getting tipped off that the best place to get useful info on Shrike might be New Reno, The crew of Devil 1 returned to the Warehouse just after the crew of Devil 2. There they regrouped and prepared for their next mission.

They flew to New Reno, intent on getting info on Shrike from the many families and gangs there. Attempting stealth, their arrival was spotted, and only Morgan Jones successfully got away unseen. She headed to the Desperado club, where she intends to meet with the Mordinos. She had an unexpected, but ultimately friendly, encounter with Bosu No-Kiba.

Shanks and Kayleigh hit the streets, getting info from a trio of junkies. They got insight into Shrike's backstory, how she used to work often with the Van Graffs and frequently butt heads with the Bishops. Kayleigh determined it'd be best to meet with the Bishops, but elected to regroup with Tanner first.

Tanner, for his part, led the rest of the Brigade to the Van Graff's compound where they were relieved of their weapons. Exiting onto the showroom floor, Tanner intends to try and have a word with Tiaret Van Graff, the family's matriarch.

Through a series of shenanigens, Tanner, Duncan, Tim, Naomi, and Hancock ended up in the penthouse suite of a centenarian Tiaret Van Graff, who mistook Naomi as her daughter, Gloria (who had been killed 9 years prior by the Courier himself). They managed to learn a bit about the Van Graffs and Shrike, many the hitwoman's connections to the family, as well as the Van Graff's ongoing plot to smother the caravan trade. During this, Johnny Angel was also running amok in the compound, causing all manner of trouble, which included bopping Eva over the head and dosing Doris with sleepy juice. He also microwaved someone's guts using his mind. Johnny ran into the rest of the Devils who were in the compound, and they all managed to more or less escape together, although they left their weapons, as well as Doris and Eva, behind. They'd better fix that!

On the other front, Morgan Jones had a poor meeting with Mrs. Mordino, who sent her off to the torturer known as Mister Fingers. The two engaged in a game of mental cat and mouse, which ended only slightly in Morgan's favor--she got away with knowledge of Shrike's name and Mister Fingers' memoirs, but Mister Fingers took her eye in recompense.

Managing to recover Eva, Doris, and their weapons, the Van Graff crew ran into an issue in the form of Johnny Angel. While Tanner and Kayleigh went to meet with the Bishops, Johnny stole a necklace of questionable value from Doris. Although they were able to track him down, they were all kidnapped by some guys in silly outfits labeled with the anagram H.U.N.T. They're currently trying to escape, although it's only going moderately well.

Morgan and Eva are having a heart to heart. Tanner and Kayleigh are making their way to the heads of the Bishop family.

Tanner and Kayleigh struck an accord with the Bishops, they regrouped with Morgan, Eva, and Hancock, then headed off to rescue the others from H.U.N.T.

Everyone together, bringing with them Johnny Angel as a +1, they returned to Warehouse Zulu.

After a drama filled night, the Legends were woken up early in the wee hours of the morning by a surprise attack from none other than Shrike. She pummeled a good number of them into submission, stranded Paul in San Francisco, and beat Tanner within an inch of his life.

They fled to Seattle (abandoning Cheyenne and Willy behind on accident), with Shrike in hot pursuit.

In the skies of Washington, they ran into The Dragon, which downed Devil 1 in Montana. Devil 2 continued on to Seattle.

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