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The category page for the Tales of the Wastes canon. Primary contributors include The Retroriffic Man, Psychomantis108, Eilonwyn, SkyrimsShillelagh, Harold Burned-Mane, Lazarus Grimm, DaedraBorn101, MaxicutTLC, Apollo42, ReDquinox

Other contributors are Thecoldboringguy157, Rukathesoldier, Walrus king, Crystalman1304 and Tharpe23, Sithfanjedi

A shared universe of wastelands and stories with some overarching themes, plot lines, factions, and characters. The Tales of the Wastes canon started with Iconoclash and Fallout: New York.

Fallout: New York was followed by it's prequel, Fallout: New York "At World's Fair," after which came Fallout: Aloha Islands, then Brothers in Binds, Fallout: Prophecy, The Last Winter, Godless America, Fallout: Hinterlands, culminating in The Legends of the Wastes.

Fallout: A Gathering Force, Fallout: Eagle Division, Fallout: Crossing, Fallout: Second City, Roads Less Travelled, and Fallout: The Big Easy, still in development.

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