"When we found Chicken Shit, he was banged up pretty bad. Rumour has it that he went toe to toe with a death claw, they say he tore his head off and fucked his skull."

- One of Anton's lack-witted lackies.

Chicken Shit is a chicken kept by Anton and his Salvagers in 2253. 'He' is the gang's mascott and is loved by everyone, for being a badass mother fucker.


Chicken Shit was found on the road, as a chick, cherping away. Even Anton was impressed with 'his' will to survive and 'he' was taken in by the gang to be used in cock fights. Chicken Shit is top dog... so to speak, when it comes to cock fighting, 'he' is currently unbeaten.

Chicken Shit now struts around the camp, occasionally laying eggs. 'He' has a sharp eye and knows everything that's going on.

Obviously Chicken Shit is actually female but due to the Salvagers not being very good Zoologists, they believe her to be male. Any attempt to persuade them will be dismissed or seen as an insult.

Killing Chicken Shit will make Anton and his boys hostile. The same goes for kidnapping Chicken Shit. If you succeed in kidnapping her, she can be left back at the camp and the party can enjoy a steady supply of eggs.


  • Chicken Shit's legendary status is not exactly undeserved. Several predators, who have gone after her have wound up dead. For example, last summer a coyote broke into the town and went after Chicken Shit. She was found a week later, with only a minor bit of damage done to her and her feathers were coated in blood. The Coyote was found, a few days after that, in its lair, with its stomach torn open and its entrails poured out onto the ground. They seem to have been pecked, repeatedly by a beak.
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