The Chryslus Proving Grounds is a ruined test track formerly owned by Chryslus Motors. In 2287, it is full of radioactive craters and mole rats.


Located on the outskirts of Livonia, Michigan, the Chryslus Proving Grounds was where Chryslus once tested its concept cars. The site consisted of roughly 50 miles of interconnected roadways, on-site garage and engineering lab, and a 10 ft. high barb wire perimeter fence to keep out the prying eyes of competitors.

It was Family Fun Day at the proving grounds on October 23, 2077, the day the bombs fell. The event was held because Chryslus executives wanted to give their families a private show, a race as a prelude to the next day's Belle Isle Grand Prix. Bleachers were constructed to give the best views of the track. To add to the excitement, they instructed engineers to use their new prototype fusion engine in the cars. The engineers tried to convince them not to go through with the event. They said the engines weren't ready and the testing grounds was no place for a race or families, that accidents can and do happen on the track. The race was underway when the Great War started. Bright lights on the horizon distracted the drivers and the rumbling earth caused them to lose control of the cars. One car crashed; the prototype engine's explosion was large enough to take out the nearest three cars, which caused their engines to explode in turn. Other chain reactions happened around the track, leaving the course pitted with craters and littered with wreckage.

The Prisoner can find the Chryslus president's key here, near his skeleton on the collapsed bleachers. The key unlocks various doors in the Chryslus Motors Megaplex. However, mole rats have taken up residence in the radioactive wreckage piles around the proving grounds and the Prisoner will have to watch where he shoots. Some of the unstable prototype engines remain intact and have a significantly larger blast radius when they explode.

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