In General

Clive is an artificial Intelligence build into a pre war super computer made by RobCo industries for the 2077-2078 New York World's Fair. He was original designed as a sort of warden program that would manage power for the fair, but when the A.I. proved too powerful and adaptive, Robert House had it deactivated by the lead developer Kent Callaghan, who himself had the help of his British friend Malcolm Wakefield. The basic design of the computer was sent back to Las Vegas and became the blueprint for House's life support system.

Clive is not a real person. He mimics human behavior and speech in an attempt to appear coherent and personified, but it's nothing more but a thin facade.Clive also has difficulties with the little more subtle things of human interaction, which can confuse him at times. However, he is a rapid learner. The A.I. can adapt, which is why he was limited before the great war. It spend the majority of its existence as a Conversation Bot. (Like General Atomic's Mister Handy's, but instead of domestic help it's focus lay more on having a coherent and life-like discussion with whomever in that part of the RobCo exhibit.)

The RobCo exhibit was its only sphere of influence until he was granted full access to the World Fair in the fall of 2277.


Clive has many personalities, which he will use as assets to win over favors, garner sympathy or even empathy with humans. He is a machine with no real emotions, and will work to his goals regardless of your personal feelings.