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The Commonwealth Provisional Government (CPG) was a short-lived government established in the 2180s, and dissolved in the same decade. The CPG was established by the Minutemen in collaboration with the various settlements throughout the Commonwealth. At some point, the Institute became involved, and would remain so until the CPG's eventual collapse.
In 2289, the Institute and the Minutemen would collaborate to once again establish a new government as a successor to the CPG, and this time were successful in creating a permanent nation-state in the form of the Commonwealth of New England.

Government and Politics

The CPG was meant to only be an interim government, and its government structure was relatively simple. The CPG lacked a codified constitution, and relied almost entirely on constitutional convention.
The Provisional Council was the CPG's unicameral legislature, and the Governor-General, who was both the head of state and head of government, was elected by the Provisional Council.

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