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The Commonwealth of New England (CNE) is a post-war nation located on the East Coast of the United States, with its territory encompassing the entirety of the New England region. The CNE was established in the aftermath of the War of the Commonwealth as the official successor to the Commonwealth Provisional Government. After the Institute defeated the Brotherhood of Steel, the Sole Survivor, who led both the Institute and the Minutemen, combined both factions into the newly formed nation. The CNE is one of the most powerful post-war nations, rivaling even the NCR.
In 2331, the CNE became a founding province of the URNA, ending its existence as a sovereign state.

Government and Politics

The CNE's political system takes a major departure from that of the US; the CNE is a parliamentary democracy modeled after pre-war Canada and the European countries, and is also a Unitary state, although power has been regionalized to a large degree.


The Commonwealth Parliament is a unicameral legislature, and is proportionally elected by the citizens of the CNE. Elections are typically held every 4 years, although an election may sometimes be called earlier.
The power to amend the Basic Law lies solely with the Commonwealth Parliament, effectively making it sovereign.

Executive Branch


As the CNE is a parliamentary republic, the President is a largely ceremonial head of state while the Prime Minister is the head of government, with the President having only minor executive powers.

Prime Minister

As the head of government, the Prime Minister leads the Cabinet, the highest executive body of the CNE. The Prime Minister and the rest of the cabinet ministers are sitting members of Parliament. In order to become Prime Minister, a representative must gain the support of a majority of Parliament. Due to the proportional voting system, a single party majority is extremely rare, and the Prime Minister must have the support of multiple parties. If a majority cannot agree on a Prime Minister within a certain timeframe, the President may appoint a Prime Minister, although this is extremely rare. Parliament can dismiss the Prime Minister at any time with a constructive vote of no confidence.


Research and Development

New England Research and Development (N.E.R.D.) is the CNE's R&D agency. As the successor of the Institute, N.E.R.D. still occupies the Institute's original headquarters, and is also made up of the same divisions that the Institute was, except for the SRB, which was reorganized as a separate government agency. Unlike its predecessor, N.E.R.D. frequently recruits scientists and engineers from the wasteland. As of 2290, N.E.R.D. is headed by Madison Li.


The Commonwealth Defence Force (CDF) is made up of the Army and the Navy. The CDF does not have an independent Air Force or Marine Corps branch. The Air Force is a sub-branch of the Army, and the Marine Corps is a sub-branch of the Navy.
The CDF is one of the most technologically advanced and well trained militaries in post-war America, easily matching the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave.


The Army is the ground force of the CDF. They are made up of Minutemen, Synths, and some soldiers who have left other factions such as the Gunners and the Brotherhood. They are a very well equipped force, making use of Plasma Rifles, Gatling Lasers, Combat Armor, as well as T-51, T-60 and X-01 power armor.


The CDF is one of only two post-war militaries known to possess a navy, the other being the Enclave, although the CDF's navy is relatively small, due to the time and resources it takes to build new ships. The CDF's technicians have managed to restore a small number of pre-war US Navy ships to working order, allowing the CNE to project power far beyond its borders.


By far one of the CNE's greatest assets is their intelligence agency. The Commonwealth Intelligence Service (CIS) was formed from the Institute SRB. Like the SRB, they employ Coursers as their field operatives, and they have an extensive network of spies, including synth birds that they use as spy drones. As of 2290, the CIS is headed by Alana Secord.

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