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The Culebra gang are a group of raiders ran by Craig in 2253.


The Culebra gang were founded back when the Desert Rangers were at their height and managed to survive. This might make them sound especially skilled and ruthles but in truth, it was mostly down to luck.

That's not to say that they aren't a threat as they live up to their name. Their name is spanish for 'snake' or 'serpant' as they tend to lie in the grass, waiting for passers by to lunge out and strike, with venomous fangs.

Under Duke, the founder of the outfit, they actually did considerably well but towards the end of his reign and life, Duke was beginning to fail the outfit. Few shed any tears, when Craig brutally murdered him and took charge.

They made few friends, in the world and thus are few in number. During Craig's time, they have lost eight out of sixteen remaining members and new recruits are opting to joing more impressive outfits.

Behind the scenes

  • The Culebras are named after vampire-serpant race from Dusk 'Till Dawn.