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The holotape that holds Daniel's playlist.

In General

While not an official radio station, it is the collection of tunes that Daniel Richardson plays, and anyone traveling space will most like end up on his rocket at some point. His upbeat, jazzy, and epic music inspires one's inner yearning for exploration and adventure, while at the same time warns of the dangers that may lurk in the beyond.

Daniel Richardson

Flight Lieutenant Daniel Richardson is a Delta IX, Daniel's only rocket dubbed The "Zues 45," pilot who makes the run from the REPCONN launch site in Nevada up to the Sea of Tranquility or the USS Quetzel. He is known to play space-themed music during launch and when in flight.


Here's a link to a playlist of all the songs in no particular order: Youtube Playlist

The Ames Brothers

Billy Riley

Bing Crosby

The Buchanan Brothers

Connie Allen

Jerry Engler & The Four Ekkos

Jimmie Haskell

Margaret Manning

Nat King Cole

Prescott Reed

Teresa Brewer

Tyrone & The Tyrone Trio

Vaugh Monroe