Devereaux's Cell is the Canadian Resistance cell led by Jordan Devereaux that operated in Tecumseh, Ontario prior to and during the outbreak of the Great War. Devereaux's Cell is a mentioned-only faction in Fallout: Detroit and are featured in the side story, "The U.S.-Canada War".


One of many cells formed by a mysterious benefactor known only as Marquette, each member hand-picked by Marquette himself. Assigned to Tecumseh, Ontario, Jordan Devereaux was chosen to lead the cell tasked with harassing soldiers in the nearby border city of Windsor, disrupting the military's local infrastructure, and even carrying out attacks in the U.S. itself. During the height of their influence, the Cell operated smuggling vessels that brought in much-needed food and medicine across the Detroit River. Tecumseh became a safe haven, in sharp contrast to neighboring Windsor. A place where fleeing Canadians could hide or get a new identity on an Underground Railroad of sorts.

A series of attacks orchestrated by multiple cells were scheduled to occur on Halloween; Devereaux's Cell's target was the Windsor Detention Camp, where prisoners of the U.S. military were held. However when the bombs fell on October 23rd, Devereaux decided to attack right away, both in retaliation and in hopes the confusion of the Great War would benefit the group. The attack was successful and when no retribution came, Devereaux claimed Tecumseh as part of Canada again and declared war on any U.S. soldiers still in Canada.

Notable Members

  • Jordan Devereaux - Leader of the cell
  • 2nd-in-command. Has been with working for Marquette for some time.
  • Genevieve Tussaud - Expert saboteur and infiltrator
  • The Explosive Expert
  • The Doctor
  • The Kid
  • The Mountie - Delivers Marquette's orders.
  • The Smuggler Captain
  • The Diner Waitress - Local who spies for the group.
  • Bobby McKay - The bombmaker
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