The Devil's Brigade the group of individuals working together to defeat Shrike, created by Agent Miller. It's original, unofficial name was "Miller's Coalition."


In 2285, a year after hearing of Rook's demise and Shrike's reappearance on the world stage, Agent Miller of the OSI began to theorize she would attempt similar strikes on individuals of Rook's class on a nation scale. As such, he began developing a resolution to present to his superiors, one where Miller would assemble such individuals together and develop them into a cohesive team so that they could present a hard target and an actual threat to Shrike. This plan was written up in a sixty-one page report titled "Defense Resolution 118" and presented by Miller to the OSI's leadership in 2287, the same year the NCR recognized the Sole Survivor and the Institute as New World powers.

After a year of deliberation, Defense Resolution 118 was accepted by the OSI's leadership in 2288 and thus Miller's Coalition became a legal entity. Warehouse Zulu was constructed that year. When Shrike reappeared in 2290 and attacked New Vegas, felling one of the American wasteland's most powerful nations in a single week, Resolution 118 was put into action and Miller given vast resources to complete his objective: defeat Shrike.

Josey Wales renamed it "Devil's Brigade" in honor of Arcade Gannon and the rest of his fallen companions.



Devil's Theme

Devil's Theme

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