Tamannaah Dayal was a Doctor in NCR territory, who was sentenced to a life sentence after she murdered dozens of her patients. She joined up on Project Cook, deciding that it would provide the challenge that she has long sought in regards to her medical profession.


Tamanaah grew up in quite a privelaged lifestyle and was able to live comfortably as she studied to become a Doctor. She served as a Followers doctor for several months but despised working for free on poor people, who mostly deserved to be on their hospital beds for shooting up on chems. She took a job, working for the NCR, which she liked for a while but quickly grew bored of it as most of her patients were elderly hypocondriacts. She grew so tired of tending to their needs that she decided to perscribe a bigger dosage than recommended to one of them and ultimately resulted in them overdosing.

There was some degree of challenge and excitement that came with murder, she enjoyed ending lives a lot more than preserving them and thus, she went on to kill dozens of other patient's lives before she was eventually caught crushing various drugs in an NCR medical tent.

She was eager to sign up to Project Cook, many were baffled as she seemed too intelligent, over privelaged and attractive to want to build up a society destined to fail with a bunch of lowlives, however, she was insistent that she went along.

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Tamannaah is set to appear in Project Cook.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tamannaah was based on a real life murder case in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. A member of the staff at a hospital there had been found poisoning their patients, initially a young nurse was blamed for the crime and though she was found not guilty later down the line, the character that the media portrayed for her was what inspired Tamannaah's character.
  • Tamannaah's name and appearance was based on Bollywood Film actress Tamannah Bhatia.