Dunwich Borers LLC
Dunwich Borers LLC Logo
Important Information
Status Defunct
Dedication Digging and drilling, excavating and unearthing eldritch artifacts
Location Main office in Washington D.C.
Known Members Richard Dunwich, Constance Blackhall, H. Granger, Statham

"Your will, our drill!"

- the company's motto.

Dunwich Borers LLC, or Dunwich Borers Limited Liability Company, was a pre-war company dedicated to conducting excavations and sites for drilling around the world. However this was all just a clever disguise to hide the company's secret and darker agenda.


It's unknown just when Dunwich Borers was founded as all possible records have gone lost since the event of the Great War. What is known however is that the man who founded the company was the entrepeneur Richard Dunwich of the old and esteemed Blackhall family in Maryland. Inheriting the family's interest in the occult and paranormal Richard traveled abroad, gathering information on ancient artifacts located around the world.

Sponsored by his family's wealth, Richard founded Dunwich Borers Limited Liability Company, which he used as a facade to conduct his own personal excavations whilst the company offered services such as oil drilling, constructing quarries; providing material for masons and stonecutters, they were in fact unearthing artifacts from the ground.

Just exactly for what purpose, other than Richard Dunwich's own interest in the ancient and occult, the company dug these mystical objects up for remains unknown.


Officially Dunwich Borers LLC was dedicated to conduct drills and stone cutting for top-paying companies in need of oil or marble. It has sometimes been linked indirectly to the enigmatic Cult of Ug-Qualtoth.


The company had a main office in Washington D.C. and were condutcing a couple of excavations in Massachusetts by the time the bombs fell. There are also reports of another office in Valhalla, formerly known as Minneapolis.


  • The face silhouette to the left of the logo is that of horror author H.P. Lovecraft.
  • The logo in the center is the symbol that marks the cover of the fictional ancient tome of Necronomicon.