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The Eastern Wasteland is all that remains of the Eastern Commonwealth after the Great War. Only a few

major cities and settlements remain scarcely populated.



During the Sino-American War, the Eastern Commonwealth was one of the biggest producer of weapons and advanced technologies for the US War Effort.

The Great War

The Eastern Commonwealth was one of the main priorities of the bombing. New York fell first, then Pennsylvania, then Delaware, then New Jersey, and finally, West Virginia. This area would remain inhabitable for fifty years.

Post-Great War

Eastern Wanderers

The area would only begin to be recolonized in 2127 by the Eastern Wanderers. They would turn the wasteland into a sort of religious paradise in which they would worship the Chinese government's gift of new beginnings. They had believed that the Chinese had brought down the wrath of god onto the United States. As of 2287 they remain miniscule in numbers, wandering the wastes in search of new members.


The Enclave would arrive a few years later in 2130 during the first eastern expedition. They would begin to push the Wanderers out with their advanced weaponry, setting up a base of operations in Manhattan. They would reside here and remain very active for over one-hundred years. As of 2287, they are very much the most dominant faction of the Eastern Wasteland.

Eastern Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel

The Eastern Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel was once a part of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. They were banished following their genocide of Eastern Wanderers members during their pilgrimage to Pittsburgh after mistaking them for ghouls. Their numbers are moderate as of 2287, being most active in Pennsylvania

New York Republic

The New York Republic is the newest faction and exists only to reestablish the old New York government. They are the second largest faction as of 2287, only below the Enclave.


Vault 726 or Reach City

Location: Manhattan, New York

Faction: Vault-Tec (Formerly), New York Republic

Description: Vault 726 is one of two vaults still standing in the Eastern Wasteland. It's main experiment was exposure to live murder and torture before the overseer was killed by the dwellers. It later become Reach City one-hundred years after the closing of it. It is the most populated city in the wasteland.

Vault 835

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Faction: Vault-Tec (Formerly), None

Description: The deserted ruins of a once beautiful vault. It had no known experiments and was once open to the most wealthy civilians of the Eastern Commonwealth.

Enclave Base of Operations

Location: Manhattan, New York

Faction: Enclave

Description: The Enclave Base of Operations is the main headquarters of the Enclave in the Eastern Wasteland. Many wars have been declared within this very building.

Church of Zealot's Path

Location: Zealot's Path, Charleston, West Virginia

Faction: Eastern Wanderers

Description: This is the only remaining structure of the Eastern Wanderers. Occasionally, a few members will stop and pay respects to this once holy icon.

The Citadel

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

Faction: Eastern Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel

Description: The headquarters of the EW BoS. It is also the most protected building (besides the Enclave Base of Operations) in the entire wasteland.

Camp Graver

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Faction: Enclave

Description: A large airfield that houses the entire arsenal of the Enclave in this region.

Old Yeller Pass

Location: Dover, Delaware

Faction: Eastern Wanderers (Formerly), Eastern Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel (Formerly), Enclave

Description: Old Yeller Pass is a road leading towards the West Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has been the sight of many battles between the Enclave and the Eastern Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel.

The Ark

Location: Long Island, New York

Faction: Enclave

Description: The Enclave 'White House". It provides shelter for President Tyler Anderson during attacks on the Enclave Base of Operations.