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Ellis Darkwater is a gunslinging mercenary, whos activity can be traced back to 2253 and continues to this day. He is a major character in Hinterlands and is the protagonist of its prequel blog 'Cold Trail.'


Ellis Darkwater descends from Killian Darkwater, Mayor of Junktown in the mid 2100s. It's unknown how aware he is of his lineage.

His past is his own and he'd rather keep it that way, by any means necessary. Nobody can pinpoint the day that he arrived on the scene, he has always been there, like a force of nature.

He takes any work that pays and isn't too morally compromising, he is incredibly talented with his revolvers, capable of quick drawing like an old western gunslinger. He is very proficient with a lever action rifle or anything that isn't automatic.

Ellis is also good with a sword, a tribal blade that is forged from bone and a strong wood. He seemingly knows the tribe's discipline, copying it exactly as he fights in close quarters.


Az, Jessica's Mother, hires Ellis Darkwater to hunt down her daughter and return her. She fears her former commrade's influence on her and is concerned that Nissa will get her hurt or killed.

He sets off, up to the frozen north, to find the girl and bring her home.

Cold Trail

In Cold Trail, he encounters a Blind Beggar, who offers him shelter and information. The beggar informs him that Jessica's Father also seeks her out and provides an ominous warning about his dishonest intent.

Ellis sets off, immediately, hoping to get there before it's too late.

Pixies in Moonlight

During his travels on the Apalachian trail, Ellis encountered an odd young woman, with pointed ears. The two of them survived the night in a cabin and learned that they were victims of their respective dimensions bleeding over.

Quen, who Ellis believed to be a Pixie, assisted him in holding off the dangers of the Apalachian trail and shared a drink, a card game and a sexual encounter with him before returning to her own world. He left her with a bottle cap, that she turned into a necklace.

Ellis has kept this story to himself, to avoid being committed to a mental institution.


Ellis' travels have taken him to Atlanta Georgia, by 2297. He is far too old for this adventuring getup but believes himself to have unfinished business.


  • Ellis carries two revolvers named 'The Believer's Heaven' and 'The Burning Hell,' the former being coated in gold and pearl and the latter being coated in silver and a dark steel.
    • The two weapons represent heaven and hell.
    • It is a common trait to have two objects, named after opposites.
    • Ellis had the guns customized to make them as expensive as possible, so that he would be able to sell them and fall back on them, when he wanted to retire. In spite of this, he never got around to selling them and continues to wield them to this day.
    • The two guns are named after a trilogy of films, made by a Mississipi Preacher, by the name of Estus Pirkle. They depict Heaven and Hell, the latter is depicted very gruesomely by an exploitation flim maker. One of Estus Pirkle's sermons on Communism was used in the Roads Less Travelled teaser as well.
  • Ellis' guns were going to be a museum showcase, in Miller's collection but Ellis and his guns' status are currently TBD.
  • Ellis currently has a daughter, who he visits on occasion.