Films in the Fallout Universe that were developed and produced after 1969, when the division occurred from reality's timeline.

In General

Filmography in the Fallout Universe reflects it's themes, primarily of a society stuck in a perpetual golden age of the post-World War II economic boom. Thus films have common subject matter (fear of communism, depiction of nuclear conflicts, spy thrillers, outrageous science fiction, romantic dramas) and, not only that, they tend to be depictions of actual films but with a retro twist.

List of Films

The Algorithm - In the distant future, a hostile machine race has conquered and enslaved humanity, sticking them into machines that transport them into a virtual reality from birth that they perceive as real. A group of rebel humans rescue Neopold Nelson, the prophesied Chosen One, and attempt to overthrow their machine overlords.

Galaxy Conflicts - In distant galaxy, a group of rebels fight against the evil Galactic Socialist Republic. When the G.S.R finishes it's Deceased Sun battle-station, they rush to destroy it before all is lost.

Three Desperados: Hunt for the Confederate Gold - Three outlaws in the Wild West reluctantly band together to find a hidden cache of gold in the middle of the American Civil War.

Bald Drinker - Despite being the third movie in the Agent 69 series of films, it's probably the most well-known. Agent Jack Bunt is forced to face the dreaded wine connoisseur kingpin known only as Bald Drinker, whose obsession is with all alcoholic drinks. Once Bald Drinker completely dips and drowns Bunt's mistress in a vat of Chardonnay 1973, Bunt is called upon to set things straight.

Grognak - the famous film adaptation of the popular comic series 'Grognak The Barbarian' by Hubris Comics introduced American audiences to the former Austrian bodybuilder and comedian; Arnold Braunschweiger as the titular hero and barbarian. It adapted the origin tale from 'Demon Slaves, Demon Sands' along with the first issue 'Blood on the Harp' into one film epic. It was well received by the general public but there was some outcry from conservatives over the rather revealing love-scenes, never the less Grognak remains a cult classic in the fantasy action genre.

The Outlaw Josey Wales- A western by the unpopular actor Vint Norther, it is his one western after multiple failures that got off the ground before he decided the genre wasn't for him, and returned to romantic comedies. The western's success was attributed to it copying the style of Clint Eastwood's earlier films.

The Lord of the Rings- Based on the popular fantasy series by J. R. R. Tolkein, there have been seven films adaptations of the series, five of them failed starts, with only two completed series of films. All of them critically panned and universally accepted as terrible.


  • James Bond films, being period accurate, exist in the Fallout universe.
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