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The capital of Caesar's Legion, Flagstaff, is a magnificent monument to Caesar's victories and the glory of his Legion. It is located in the Four Corners.


A moderately sized city of roughly 60,000 people before the war, the population of Flagstaff had completely emptied by 2247. Upon his victorious conquering of Arizona, Caesar built a great city of stone, cut from the earth by the hands of those he had subjugated, near the site of the original Flagstaff. Recently finished in 2253, Flagstaff is the foundation upon which Caesar's empire will grow. The Legion expands westward. Arizona is not enough-- Caesar desires the entirety of the east.


Flagstaff can be entered by a west facing main gate, or an elevator on the south side of the city. The city climbs higher as one proceeds through it, wrapping itself around the stone pillars upon which it is built. The lower quarters of the city are residential and hold the craftsmen of the city. The mid-level of the city, the tops of the pillars, is home to the merchants and traders. The city is completed by massive towers for the glorious leaders of Caesar's Legion, and a sprawling palace for Caesar himself.

Flagstaff, in total, is not an overly large city. By wasteland standards, it is an elegant and defensible settlement, but nothing compared to gems like Mercer Island or 2281 New Vegas.


  • Flagstaff's appearance in Roads Less Traveled is based upon Meridian from Horizon Zero Dawn.