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Genomes, pejoratively called Gen 4s by some individuals (among other names such as Psyker and Esper) are a new form of humans created by the Institute as a result of Noah's most ambitious endeavor: Project Nephilim. FEV and genetic engineering was used to create unique embryos that were inserted to healthy human females via IVF technologies. The Genome came into existence in accordance to Noah's wishes.



Derived primarily from third generation Synths and other pre-existing research, the Genome is considered by Noah as the perfect integration of human and artificial, using self-replicating nanites to induce heavy genetic engineering and modifications via new strain of FEV as the intermediary into IVF embryos.

The FEV was based on the Master's own strain with further modifications, which caused the creation of Psykers. The Embryos themselves were the result of matching the best genomes from the Institute and then harvesting the required sperm and eggs to generate embryos.

The end result of the extensive process is the birth of a new lifeform with nothing particularly irregular from a human being, save for Synth Courser-level physiology, far longer lifespans compared to post-War and even pre-War humans, and the ability to use a wide array of Psyker-like powers, the effects and magnitude varying per Genome.


  • Compared to the current generation, the first prototype Genomes (e.g. Ana) possess limited lifespan due to defective DNA structure.
  • On the other hand, the present generation of Genomes possess higher resistance to mutations and superior DNA repair, allowing them to live up to 300 years where only natural lifespan is concerned. The minimum lifespan is estimated to be 200 years.