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George McGill was a Professional Gambler, who was incarcerated by the NCR for various shady dealings with the mob in 2283. McGill signed up to Project Cook voluntarily, deciding that it was better than serving a twenty year prison sentence.

He was a prominant figure in the community founded there and was also the lover of Harriot. He was killed and possessed by Daniel Starling in 2285.


George has spent his life going from place to place, he's a professional gambler who has gotten himself banned from at least 3 casinos so far and only 1 of those bans was for being too lucky... McGill has a colourful past of violence, vice and exploitation, mostly linked to the mafia. When he isn't gambling George also acts as a con man, pulling one over on suckers, doing tricks like selling stimpaks full of ketchup, case ammo that are actually full of museum gift shop bullets one time he even sold a destroyed turret and convinced the customer that all they had to do was re-assemble it... he was rather proud of that one. George, however, couldn't run forever. Knowing that the mob was after him, he decided to get them before they got him. He slipped inside the casino and shot its owner, square in the face. He then bolted to the nearest NCR Embassy, where he turned himself in, making him an NCR prisoner and therefore safe from the mob. There was outrage but McGill was transferred to another prison outside of the state. There he served a ten year sentence, well, he would have if his past hadn't come back to bite him in the ass. Someone he once conned found out about his incarceration and submitted evidence of his dodgy dealings to the courts, as a result his sentence was re-evaluated and he got another ten years. Ten years was bad enough but now George's life was over, however, before he could procure a belt to hang himself with, an application form for Project Cook slipped under his door. He hesitantly filled it in, knowing that he might just make a life out there for himself, instead of rotting away in here...

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McGill is rather cynical and surley, his violent past has made him somewhat jaded and distrustful towards others. He isn't too afraid to comment about how he feels about a certain situation, though he rarely refuses to do things so long as they are, on some level, within his best interest to do them.


Australia (non canon)

Brothers in Binds

Godless America (Posessed by Daniel Starling)