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The Great War also known as Zero Hour is the global thermonuclear conflict that dismantled the social order and technological advancements of the Modern World.  On October 23, 2077, a full on nuclear strike was initiated by both the United States and China, with hundreds of missiles raining down on the two countries and the world. In a matter of two hours, billions of lives ended, radiation disfigured and the earth and the livelihood of Humanity was driven back to the stone age.

At first, it was thought to be the devastating outcome of the Sino-American War and the eventual pinnacle of the Resource Wars. In actuality, it was a M.A.D Initiative enacted by the Pivotal Pillars as a means of resetting the world's progress & population and to achieve World Domination and technological superiority without national superpower opposition.


The Calm Before The Storm

The Resource Wars was a folly for the Pivotal Pillars, as they hoarded and used all the Petroleum and Uranium in sight. With the paranoia and the hostility of the people steadily rising and the The Last Oil Field in Anchorage secure for storage, The Pivotal Pillars knew that the end was near. It was either the end of their clandestine reign or the end of the world as they knew it.

It was originally voted that December 31st would be the original date for the activation, as their own way of ringing in the new year. However, after an anonymous tip of the Existence of the Forced Evolutionary Virus to the public, The officials knew that they had to accelerate their plans.

On March 15, 2077. The Lord Imperator, Supreme Head of the Pivotal Pillars, issued Ouroboros. This codename was the signal that all  members were to abandon their lifestyles and retreat to Hyberborea and to their nearest haven.  It was a monthly process, since certain members had to stay longer on the surface to avoid ouside suspicion and traveling distance from the Main Bunker or designated haven in accordance to their rank.

At the same time, Pugio, another codenamed Initiative was activated. This was the order to execute any non-members who knew of the organization’s existence and any member who was declared “unsatisfactory” for the new world.

Over the next few months, hundreds of various people all over the world started to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Either they had retreated to their bunkers or had been executed and had been dumped in a ditch somewhere. The people remained oblivious to this, even though some conspiracy theorists said otherwise. Federal Government and Law Enforcement started to dwindle as well, as most of them were with the Pivotal Pillars, causing large reports of anarchy and mob rule in certain parts of the world.

The Crucible

The last of the members entered the havens on October 20th 2077, with the exception of certain refugees that were collected for either conscripted labor or future experimentation. There, they observed the conditions of the world, seeing it already starting to spin out of their control with the influence of Humanity’s Fear and desperation to survive. On October 22nd, It was decided by the Lord Imperator and the world leaders that the time of reckoning had come. After hacking into the nuclear missile systems and establishing a connection to all the launch codes of the world, The Members of the Bureaucratic Officialdom turned their special keys into the system, opening access to the overall mainframe of the launch sequence. All that needed to be done was to push the big red button.

On October 23th 2077, it was all set. With the convoys placed in position and the locations set on target, the day of reckoning finally came. The Lord Imperator pushed the button activating all the missiles worldwide. As Millions of members watched from the safety of their Havens, The World was being consumed by nuclear fire, with billions of people and hundreds of cities in the flames. Some administrative cities did not suffer the major force of the fallout. This was because of the future plans for reinstallation for the government and the people. But some cities were purposely bombed to cover the organization's tracks. In a matter of two hours, The World was brought to its knees as its technological advancements were made obsolete, the air, food and land had become cancerous, and all law and order vanished, as savagery and raiding had become constant.

It all played a part in The Lord Imperator’s plan. As the billions of innocent lives screamed in pain and horror. The Pivotal Pillars watched from the comfort of their havens. After the fires had settled and the destruction seized, the Pivotal Pillars monitored the conditions of the world and people that were left. With both advanced otherworldly technology and abundant storage of Petroleum and Uranium in their possession. The Pivotal Pillars were already plotting the next step toward their reveal to the survivors and total annexation of the world.