"Not much to say about me. My enemies call me 'the man in the coat'. My friends would call me... if I had any..."

- Henry Bowden.

Henry Bowden, full name Henry Lee Bowden, otherwise known as The Coatman, is a mysterious detective and investigator working for the Regulators. Known for showing up at peculiar places, events and crime scenes at the most appropriate of times. This has led some people to believe that he is the "Mysterious Stranger" of the urban legend. A claim which he has refused to acknowledge, but has never denied.

Henry has a lean, clean-shaved face with sharp cheekbones. He has a pair of grey eyes sunken into dark sockets, due to his unhealthy habit of staying up late at night. His hair is dark brown and often well-combed to make himself more presentable to those in need of his services.


Henry was born in the ruins of Newburyport. His father, Lee Bowden, was an archivist for the community, dedicated to preserving whatever literal pre-war books and documents he could find. His mother, Ruth Olmstead, was a scientist and a psychologist.


Henry Bowden is moody and has the cynic's view of everyday life. He bitterly regards the majority of people around him as "weak". However, he also does this out of sympathy, believing that since they are weak it is thus his responsibility and duty to be there to help them, lest they would perish due to the harsh life the Wasteland has to offer. Aid those who cannot help themselves.

Boasting a high intellect and a taste for pre-war art and music, Henry regards himself as a man of culture.

He also has a drinking problem, something he has acknowledged himself yet has refused to seek help with.


  • Eldritch Wastes - TBA


  • Henry is based upon the stereotypical, hard-boiled, film noir anti-hero. Often reflecting upon the world around him via internal monologues, often has a drinking habit and a generally cynical or indifferent view of the world and a twisted sense of justice.
  • Continuing the Lovecraft theme, Henry's mother was named after Robert Olmstead, the protagonist of The Shadow over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft.
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