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Hound Dog Radio is an active radio station in Denver. It started airing a few years ago, not long after the Copper Toes arrived in the region. It's DJ, Pierce, has apparently isolated himself from the rest of the world and sealed himself in a bunker, hidden somewhere in Denver. He fears that his critical opinion of the Copper Toes and Dog Lords will likely earn him a place on their hit lists.


Little is known about Pierce, he is quite obviously new to the world of radio but at the same time, seems to have picked up influences from various pre war DJs. Pierce is very outspoken and critical of all of Denver's factions, his radio station exists to improve the morale of every citizen in Denver and to also give them tips on how to survive the post apocalyptic hell hole.


Hound Dog Radio has several variations of scheduled programming, it features...


The news of what has been going on, out in the wasteland, Pierce keeps his listeners updated with local events and is as inquisitive as possible and has eyes and ears all over Denver.

Mailbag reading

Pierce encourages his listeners to write in and not only does he read their messages out loud but he also does his best to give those who write in advice. This has been known to back fire once or twice...


More accurately, Pierce informs his listeners where there is Dog activity in the city, so that they know what areas to avoid. Obviously his information isn't spot on as it takes time for it to reach him.

The Silver Shroud

When Pierce wants a cigarrette, he puts an episode of the Silver Shroud on to entertain his listeners.



Hound Dog Radio-Hound Dog Radio

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