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John Putnam is the Commonwealth Minutemen's General as of 2310 after the death of the previous general, having taken her place after the disastrous attack on the Gunners' leadership at the GNN building, also known as Gunners' Plaza.


Personality and Traits



Abilities and Skills

As seen in his battle against the Genome mayor Esther of Lynn Woods, Putnam uses Kinetic Energy manipulation for his core power. It is shown that Putnam can use his power on the Advanced Level, limited mainly by his power's natural limits, his knowledge, and psi energy reserves.

Outside of his powers, Putnam is shown to have some skill in swordplay, CQC, and handguns. Putnam also possesses charisma, making him command his troops with both inspiration and fear. The middle-aged man can also combine his powers with that of his core physical abilities, making him an extremely dangerous opponent to face in melee.


  • Putnam's powers take inspiration from Gambit's of the Marvel series.