Jungles Of Kauai

Or simply "Jungle Island" is the only island that managed to keep its old name somewhere in the title. Kauai island. Mainly because there are songs about it.

Jungles of Kauai is the most thickly forested island of all. It's quite large as well. The forest suffered greatly under the Radioactive fallout, causing large spread droughts and infertility, but not a single plant was uprooted or blasted away because the Honolulu bomb didn't reach the island. Not even the heat, it is generally further away from the other islands and can't be seen from any of them. The Jungles are home to many beasts and other dangers.

Finished Kauai

Kauai Administration

A single building settlement of sorts which is the main hub for the Pearl City exploration effort. Because of its distance Kauai was only recently rediscovered and although old maps tell of the general size and terrain of the island, whatever might've manifested after the bombs is unknown. The building stands in an old town, along with an abandoned factory complex. A proper settlement is sure to follow.

Principality of Roger

Roger is the son of the King Steven, who's recent death in 2287 let the jungle kingdom in the hands of the young prince. A kingdom, empire and cult all rose up around this little makeshift civilization. The prince regent rules with an iron first. They possess no greater weapons that blades and spears crafted with stone and bronze. And literally know nothing of anything outside of their community. Except for the...

Pink Flamingo Tribe

This tribe of heathens raid and attack the principality often, yelling chants and a language nobody understands they are dangerous and cannot (or so it appears) be reasoned with. They are called Pink Flamingo Tribe because in their shrine along the southern coast they praise their god "Pink Flamingo". Little do they know it's an old garden ornament from before the war.