Kevin is a highly modified version of the Laser Rifle and a product of the experiment at University Point.


Kevin is exceedingly powerful.  It has extensive sniper modifications but can also easily function as a close quarters weapon. Not only does it have the ability to completely ravage a target, what makes it unique is it's inability to run out of ammo.  This defies the laws of physics- a magazine can only hold so many rounds, and the battery of a laser rilfe only so many fusion cells. Kevin, however, has some Mary Poppins like shit going on. The shooter can dump as many fusion cells as they want into the rifle's bottomless magazine and the gun will still be left wanting.

No one is quite certain what the deal with Kevin is, or how it got so unique. It is know the gun emerged from a pre-war experiment at University Point, the last creation of two young lover scientists. From there it traveled into the hands of someone who did an act most profane and carved the word "Kevin" onto the forestock of the weapon. Whether this was intended as the name of the gun or the name of the owner unknown, but now, whenever one looks down the sights, the hastily scrawled name is just out of the corner of your eye, reminding you of who is doing all the work.