Lady Leisure

The 'just' above board leisure island was formed by disgruntled bar and brothel owners of Pearl City, whose bureaucrats wanted to regulate their business, so they took it elsewhere on the former island of Moloka'i. And built a boardwalk of leisure around an old Beach Resort named Brightlight. The nature on the island is dry and generally peaceful, but still treacherous and filled with mutated beasts. There's an abandoned lighthouse on Point Kaulapapa.

It's also known as just: Whore Island.

Finished Moloka'i

The Bar Strip

The main venues are all build neatly in old bars and clubs from before the war. The Blast of Honolulu didn't reach this island so other than dust collection and a few broken chairs and windows that can't be replaced, it looks scarily like it did before the bombs fell. Most owners are sleazy types but just above board enough not to be part of a pirate settlement. There's low end card game casinos, since there's not enough power for the slots or anything else. Bars with lots of overdue strong drink and brothels/strip clubs where ladies (and sometimes boys) can be hired for carnal activities.

Point Kaulapapa

Point Kaulapapa is beyond the remains of jungle inland north from The Bar Strip. It's an old abandoned light house, and west of it lie the remains of a small catholic church. It's said to be a romantic or haunted spot, depending on who you ask.