The Michigan Super Highway is a network of roads without speed limits that crisscross the state and connect many of Michigan's largest cities. In 2287, the only traffic on the roads are travelers, traders, and bandits.


Despite it's name, the Michigan Super Highway is actually a series of six-lane highways with one thing in common; no speed limits. The idea was first proposed by Chryslus Motors in 2054 as a way to boost tourism in Michigan, as well as increase sales of the new Chryslus Highwayman, the company's newest family sedan capable of speeds exceeding 150 miles an hour. The "Chryslus" family had a lot of pull in the state, so it wasn't long before the plan was adopted and construction began. In 2057, the Michigan Super Highway officially opened to the public. Since it's completion, it has been linked to an increase of deaths from both car collisions as well as pedestrians and wildlife trying to cross. Youthful "speed demons" were often the culprit.

Detroit is the center of the web of highways. From Detroit, the Super Highway runs south along the shore of Lake Erie, ending near Toledo, Ohio; west through Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, ending near South Bend, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois; northeast to Port Huron, ending at the Canadian border; and northwest through Flint and Saginaw, crosses the Mackinac Bridge and enters Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In the U.P., the Highway runs from Sault Ste. Marie on the Canadian border to Ironwood on the Wisconsin border.

The increased infrastructure allowed military vehicles to quickly mobilize into different parts of Canada during the Chinese invasion of Alaska, and later the Canadian Annexation. This led to Detroit's factories becoming central to the military's production of munitions and vehicles.

In 2287, sections of the Super Highway outside the city are under the control of bandits calling themselves the Highwaymen. There have been many incarnations of the Highwaymen in the last two centuries, the original group fought against the Mechanics for over 50 years. However the M.O. has always been the same: ambush wastelanders traveling along the roads.

The Prisoner arrives at the Highwaymen's main camp on the Michigan Super Highway alongside the "Heroes of Legend" during their campaign for the Mechanics' Legacy. The Heroes are intent on wiping out the bandits, as well as unlocking the secrets of a forgotten technology.


Behind the Scenes

  • The idea is a futuristic Autobahn for nuclear-powered cars.
  • Young "speed demons" hitting pedestrians is a reference to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
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