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Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel

Important Information
Status Active
Dedication Crossroads Branch: Defending the civilians of Chicago and combating determined threats. Safeguarding technology.

Royal Branch: Capturing and enslaving the population of the Royal Wasteland, destroying The Cause, and hoarding weapons.

Location The Crossroads, the Royal Wasteland
Known Members Crossroads Branch: Atticus Collins, Tanner Collins

"There is always another enemy."

- Brotherhood saying

The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel is a faction that is active in the Royal Wasteland. It's goals are unaligned with the Cause and the two clash frequently. It is known to traffic slaves up the Alaskan pipeline for an unknown purpose and it has been hoarding weapons.

It is also active in the Crossroads, where it appears to be more benevolent. There is likely a disconnect of some sort between the group of Mid-westerners in Chicago and those in Washington.


Some time following 2198, Atticus Collins came to be the Elder of the Brotherhood and is leading it by 2276. It's ranks have grown, as it has been shown to have assimilated the Beastlords, a tribe of mutants. The Mid-westerners have were always generally more accepting than their Western or Eastern counterparts, and the Beastlords are just one more addition to the wastelanders, ghouls, super mutants, robots, and even Deathclaws it has already recruited.