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Milton is an old world hotel with seventeen floors, which is the formerly iconic Candler Hotel in Atlanta Georgia. By 2297, it is a functioning settlement and one of the most prominent in Atlanta.


The Candler Hotel was bought out by a number of big chain hotel owners but was eventually aquired by an old world Fat Cat known as 'Clarence Milton.' Milton had a project in mind for the hotel, that never truly got to see its full fruition as it was disrupted by the great bombing of 2077.

Post war, it was left derelict for several decades before eventually being occupied. It has had a plethera of owners, including a raider gang, squatters, scavvers and it was even a Komodo Dragon Nest at some point. These Days it is a functioning settlement akin to Tenpenny Tower in the Capital Wasteland.

Unlike a lot of settlements in post apocalyptic america, Milton has a living class system that is made apparent to anyone who visits the place.

Lower classes work on the lower floors, with the wealthiest members of Milton's society on top. The owner of the Settlement is situated in a penthouse, at the very top. The people on the lower floor are the farmers and low level merchants, they are considered to be the least skilled and least essential people by those on the higher floors, however, this is very much debated.

One of the biggest issues facing Milton is power distribution. The building's fusion powered generator doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the demand of the Milton's people. The lower floors are growing restless as the people on the higher floors are refusing to disclose what they do with their allotted power.


The people on the lower levels have filled the swimming pools with fertalizer and soil, planting crops in them. They grow all of the Wasteland Regulars, throughout the year and also rear radchickens and radhogs.


Milton relies on a Fusion Generator in the basement, whilst it is fully functioning, it isn't working at maximum efficiency. The power is constantly failing on the lower floors and even those on the higher floors are having the occasional power glitch or outright failure.

Those on the lower eight floors and the people on the higher floors are constantly arguing over how power should be distributed, both with and amongst eachother but nobody can come to an agreement, because none of them truly know who or what is using all of the power.


One Entrance, heavily guarded by humans and mechanical turrets.

Human guards patrol the hallways, acting as police and army.


Farming communities down below, high rise living up above. Floor folk are ignorant of the upper floor way of life. They are conditioned not to question it.

Those who live on floors 1-4 live in a completely different world to those who live on floors 5-8 and 9-16 respectively.


Trading, Farming and Gambling on the lower floors as well as investments from the wealthier citizens on the upper floors.