Mr Tiddles is a house cat from New York City, who lived an innocent life, doing no harm to anyone, until he was murdered by Tanner in 2276.


Mr Tiddles was adopted by a loving family at a young age, who had a little boy, who wanted a pet kitty more than anything else in the world. The boy was lonely, because he had few friends in the world, due to his isolated homestead.

The cat brought the boy a lot of happiness over his seven year lifespan, however, this short and happy time was brought to an end one day, when a trigger happy Brotherhood Knight killed Mr Tiddles in cold blood, reducing him to little but ash before consuming what remained of his flesh.

Only the collar remained and was left in the alleyway, where the young boy who owned the kitty cat found it. The boy grew up a troubled youth, always wondering what happened to his best bud.