Nerina is the Captain of the Corolla Gulls, a resourceful and ruthless young lady, with a penchant to go for the kidneys, whenever she has the mans and motive to stab there. She is strangely absent from conversation in Corolla, despite growing up there. The people of the town are somewhat ashamed of her.

She and her sister founded the band of misfits, using her knowledge of the town and a desire for vengeance, she was able to raid the Mayor’s office, his house and even the armoury at one point.

Since then things got a little tougher as the Mayor clamped down on her band.

It wasn’t long until her group was targeted by a village mob, who destroyed their old base. Nerina and her men got out with few casualties as they were mostly nomadic in nature and could quickly up and run. However, Nerina’s sister was seemingly a target of the assault and took a bullet on the way out. She’s had a deep seeded hatred for Corolla ever since and would love nothing more than to watch it burn.  


  • Political Assassination: Nerina is aware of the

Mayor’s desire to have her terminated and will pay double what he’s paying to have him whacked instead.


  • Nerina was named after British musician, Nerina Pallot.
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