New Canaan is a settlement in the Four Corners in 2253.


The Latter-Day Saint, also known as New Canaanite, settlement of New Canaan, also known as Jericho, is something of a safe haven for refugees from the many conflicts that inflict the Four Corners. The New Canaanites are fierce warriors with mid-level technology, making them formidable enemies and powerful allies. Jericho is well-defended and something of a fortress city. Two separate groups operate within the borders of New Canaan. The larger, more powerful of the two is the original town of New Canaan. The New Canaanites are led by Jeremiah Rigdon, who believes Jericho must be destroyed.

Jericho is a settlement that was originally a part of New Canaan, formed by refugees from the Ranger-Brotherhood conflict. It split off when Jeremiah Rigdon began to become hostile to the refugees and they thus established it's independence.

Officially, the overall leader of New Canaan is Michelle O'Connor. However, only those in Jericho and some of the less violent of the Canaanites acknowledge this. Jeremiah Rigdon and his Hands of God oppose her. They are in a quasi "Cold Civil War" at the moment.

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