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The North American Commonwealth (NAC) is a post-war nation located on the East Coast of the United States. The NAC was founded in the aftermath of the War of the Commonwealth. After the Institute defeated the Brotherhood of Steel, the Sole Survivor, who led both the Institute and the Minutemen, combined both factions into the newly formed nation. The NAC is an economic and military powerhouse, rivaling even the NCR.

Government and Politics

Although the NAC is intended to be a spiritual successor to pre-war America, its political system was closely modeled after that of the Western European countries.

Commonwealth Parliament

The Commonwealth Parliament is a bicameral legislature consisting of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly.
The Commonwealth Parliament is a sovereign legislature.



House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is the lower house of Parliament and is directly elected by the citizens of the NAC. An elected representative is formally called a Member of Parliament (MP). Because of the proportional representation voting system, it is extremely rare for a single party gain a majority of seats, parties will usually have to form coalitions with eachother in order to form a majority. Elections are also publicly funded and private donations to campaigns are tightly regulated.



Prime Minister



The Commonwealth Defence Force (CDF) is divided into the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. They also have an intelligence agency. The CDF is one of the most technologically advanced and well trained militaries in post-war America, outmatching even matching the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave.


The Army is the ground force of the CDF. They employ former Minutemen, Gen 3 synths and a small number of soldiers who defected from the Brotherhood. They are a very well equipped force, making use of plasma rifles, gatling lasers, combat armor, as well as T-51, T-60 and X-01 power armor.

Air Force

The CDF Air Force is primarily composed of vertibirds that formerly belonged to the Brotherhood of Steel. The Air Force doesn't play a particularly important role, thanks to the Institute's teleportation technology which provides the CDF greater mobility than any aircraft could.


The CDF is one if only two post-war militaries known to possess a navy, the other being the Enclave, although the CDF's navy is relatively small, due to the time and resources it takes to build new ships. The CDF's technicians have managed to restore a small number of pre-war US Navy ships to working order, allowing the NAC to project power far beyond its borders.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps specializes in amphibious warfare and cooperates closely with the Navy. In addition to using many of the same weapons that the Army does, the marines also use the Marine Combat Armor originally made for the USMC.


By far the CDF's greatest asset is their intelligence agency. The Commonwealth Intelligence Service (CIS) was formed from the Institute SRB. Like the SRB, they employ coursers as their field agents and they have an extensive network of spies, including synth birds that they use as spy drones. The remnants of the Brotherhood of Steel have been designated as a terrorist organization by the CIS.

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