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Officer Wolfe is a member of Vault 101's security force and is the husband of Clarice Hamilton and the stepfather of Thomas Hamilton.


Officer Wolfe grew up with Clarice and Mr Hamilton, being the same age as them. He had romantic feelings towards Clarice but her heart belonged to Mr Hamilton. This forever left him scorned and frustrated with his lot.

Mr Hamilton died in a maintenance accident, not long after and Clarice turned to him, once again. However, the bitterness still bubbled away inside him and he wasn't the man she remembered him being. He resented raising Thomas Hamilton, since he wasn't his kid and he also resented Clarice for treating him as a conselation prize.

As a result, he made their lives hell, by being verbally abusive at best and physically abusive at worst. His abuse was mostly ignored, due to his position on the Security team and his close ties to Allen Mack.

Eventually, Thomas Hamilton couldn't take it anymore and ran off, into the wasteland. This was a rather fortunate event for Wolfe, though he still wasn't happy.

A few years after this, he was killed, on duty, by Denis in 2277, during his escape from Vault 101. Though he hasn't drawn breath for nearly twenty years now, his wife and stepson have vivid memories of his years of torment and abuse.

Due to his violent actions, inflicted on Clarice, her mind deterierated very quickly and she succumbed to dementia by the time she was 65. She now lives in a perminent delusion, with neither her son or husband to keep her company.


Fallout 3

Mention in Iconoclash, Godless America, Legends of the Wastes: Hamilton's Confession and Legends of the Wastes.


  • In an earlier version of the lore, Clarice was supposed to be married to Officer Park or Officer O'Brian. While the latter seemed like an obvious choice, the idea was that her husband was subtly violent and hateful towards her.
  • In Hamilton's Confession, it's implied that James knew about it. Whether Tom Hamilton told him about the abuse or if he figured it out on his own is unknown.