Pablo Riviera is the owner and proprieter of the Look Out Below Cafe and Bar in Hoover Dam in 2253.


Pablo Riviera is the owner of a big shack that serves great spirits and good fun. Well, it did, until the Brotherhood of Steel War.

Unfortunately for Pablo, his hayday came and went. His regular supplier 3-Some Caravan company has not been able to supply alchohol to him for some time. This has obviously drove customers aware and he can slowly feel a metaphorical vice tighten around his balls.

Since he is a man of pride, he will not give up or bend to the will of Alice McLafferty, so he sticks with the devil he knows. He's one dry month away from getting booted from Hoover Dam entirely.

He desperately needs some liquor, any way he can. He may be willing to give up the room that he rents out to the one who does so.

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